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Anuwa? Part 26

By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Interesting times are indeed ahead of us. The political game field is becoming juicy. Anuwa things are hectic at the official opposition party "home - quarter". The few members left are all said to be vying to be presidents come the expected - divisive convention in November 2013.

Anuwa delegates are refusing to participate unless their names also feature to unseat the President. Organisers of the convention are now faced with a dilemma of human capital shortage. There are no ordinary delegates to vote. Worse, due to seriously logistics and administrative 'hiccups' the membership has reached a sealing point and no new members are allowed to join. Among others these are the reasons:

- Party's petty cash budget is exhausted and there is no money to purchase neither hard cover papers nor laminating plastics for membership cards.

- The Secretary General, the President and the Treasurer are not on speaking terms hence all administrative duties are deferred until the outcome of the next convention is known.

- Since nobody in party's rank and files could affirm being capable of "effectively competing with Swapo vice president and presidential candidate Dr. Hage Geingob" all party members might be dismissed anytime by the incumbent president the moment he recall details of the recent "storm" meeting where he vowed to go on a dismissal spree should he again eavesdrop another 'coup detat'.

In the meantime, jubilation has started at the Party's headquarters at the corner of Independence Avenue and Hans Dietrich Street with ululations of 'another one bites the dust.'

But just when I thought Omake is the only appropriate gesture to tate //Gar˘eb for telling his members not to waste time by voting him but to vote for Hatago, he qualify his motivation with a tribal bluff!

Anuwa UDF members have been given strict instructions under which to vote for Swapo presidential candidate; there should be no mention of "Hage ouli peni" during the campaign rallies. During the "consultativegive- votes- to -Swapo meeting" held in Khorixas recently, it was emphasised that slogans such as Viva Hage Viva are acceptable but the "ouli peni" word will mean that the Owambos are coming back through the backdoor again.

Now that is where 'one cannot teach an old dog new tricks" phrase really make sense. In his sober elderly mind does the leader of the UDF reason that by fielding a Damara speaking candidate the Owambos are handing over to the Damaras? It is indeed very sad that a community cum political leader is reasoning so shallowly.

SWAPO is a mass movement which value performance and deliverance over tribal affiliation. In fact, at the level of a president, the office bearer is not for SWAPO but for Namibia. In the word of Mr. Nangolo Mbumba, "the candidate for the office of the presidency, when campaigning, will not do so for Swapo but for all Namibians. He will serve the interest of the people, unify the country and create developmental opportunities for all."

Can somebody please nui-huni (translate) for the Honourable Chief!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura