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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
There come the notes again. This time "tashi li ekunde - "destroying within. If somebody inside the party does not tell Mr. Nyamu to keep quiet, his mouth will cost his party dearly.

Did I hear properly? Did he really say that his party if at all one day in hundreds years comes to power it will remove the statue of the Founding President at Omgulugwombashe? This is suicidal to the party. One could argue that if Mr. Nyamu at least is assured that he might not make it to his party list, why jeopardising the chances of his not- more than three colleagues who might be wheeled in to parliament with left over votes in 2014? It is a fact that the Swapo government is doing very well in taking care of it's the citizens to an extend that oppositions have nothing bad to say. So, removing the statue of the Founding President could be the only topical issue Mr. Nyamu thought of to campaign with!

Does he expect to win votes with this strategy? But what is puzzling enough is the fact that no body from within the party is ready to call him to order. One wonders that, the feeling might be mutual among members that the party will be dead after the next elections or what?

In a normal circumstance, the spokesperson of an entity such as that which is being implicated in the removal of the Founding's statue, would stand up and attempt some damage control exercise! Now that everyone is quite we assume that the removal is the party policy. And now that the business community is demonstrating against your insults you cry foul? Politicians must learn what statements to make in public and in their offices verandas. Announcing that you will remove the statue of the Founding is tantamount to say "vote for Swapo do not give me any single chance to rule because I will definitely mess up this country and its rich history".

One is always consoled in the fact that his blunders results in the increment of SWAPO votes. If I was his party's supporter I would insist for a dress- rehearsal before he opens his mouth publicly. Oh waalye, it seems that nobody sees that the Notes tate is on a destruction rampage.

And for an experienced self proclaimed party destroyer this time his duties are just a walk in a park. Party members are said to have already thrown in the tower even before the fight started anuwa!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura