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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Mbua is official omutanda uataara (the young one has won)! Discussions at Herero Mall these days are about, McHenry Venaani! Anuwa for the first time, there are no arguments among the revellers as they nod and agree that he will go down the annals of Namibian history as the youngest top leader of a Namibian party in the post-independence period.

But the hullabaloo about his age is a mystery to me. He is not the youngest leader to head a Namibian party, ever, nor is he the first Namibian to occupy a political office at such a tender age. So, the fuzz about youth leadership is mis-placed, in my humble opinion. Those who think we don't trust young leaders should re-read our history books; they are filled with exploits of young people taking the mantle of leadership at crucial times during our past. Who would forget that Sam Nujoma became President of OPO and SWAPO, while in his twenties?

Who would forget one brave young man who astounded the nation in the 90's when he became Deputy Minister of Fisheries and later the substantive head of such an important portfolio. Age after all is nothing but a number; you would often hear when an old man dates a youthful kamboroto. If this adage serves us well in love matters that are more serious in my view, why shouldn't it apply to our political life?

But except the age issue, Venaani has a lot on his plate. His party is in tatters. Their legacy of collaborating with the erstwhile enemy is unforgettable. Who would forget the 'braai and wors' 1989 style of buying votes? Wining and dining at the head table of the former adversary is a memory many won't easily forget. Perhaps, Venaani can learn a thing or two about the DA in South Africa with their 'Know the DA' campaign, apparently they fought apartheid and they want the world to know just months before elections next year. Are South Africans that gullible?

If at least the DTA is serious in its effort to poach votes from the rocky boat aka home based care office anuwa where members are desirous to locate anywhere as long as the office is not at the Presidents' resident;

Here is a list of things the new 'Know your DTA' campaign will demystify:

1. We are a party of the people and not a potjiekos of ethnic-based parties formed to prop the South African regime.

2. We were not funded by the Pretoria regime to help our cause to delay national independence; on the contrary we were one with the masses and toiled with them as they suffered from segregation and brutal rule. Our police whipped them as a measure of discipline and had nothing to do with politics.

3. The DTA won the 1989 elections, but SWAPO rigged those elections with the help of their friends at the United Nations.

4. The DTA also won the elections in 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, and this is not some hallucination from our permanent Chairman and long-serving President.

5. The DTA singlehandedly raised the pension grant because we care and not because our leaders need to make use of it when they retire because of personal misfortune at the Casino Tables.

6. Our members should welcome back our prodigal son the Republic Party (RP) and cease calling them imperialists. This time RP is serious about increasing DTA's seats in parliament. Besides, they did not come empty-handed; they brought along those who have been starving of young ideas as their leader anuwa is suffering from memory losses and falls asleep in meetings!


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