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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Drought donations are pouring into Namibia anuwa from countries which have no tax payers! Okugandja okutsilika so goes a proverb meaning: give and you shall be given. The last months Namibia has witnessed peace loving countries and humanitarians come to Namibia's rescue and donate food to save its citizens from starvation.

Among the donation was a 34 tonne consignment of tinned fish, beef and sugar from the Russian Federation worth N$9 million! Another impressive donation was the N$4 million from the EU 's Humanitarian department, and more from the local business communities and semi-governmental organisations. Indeed when disaster strikes simple actions are needed from whoever has something to offer.

The Russian donations were the most moving gestures when the 35- tonne consignment was delivered by a Russian cargo place on Wednesday last week. A friend in need is a friend in deed as the Prime Minister recently said when he received the gift to feed his people. But one wonders does countries which donates these drought relieve items have also taxpayers like those in Namibia?

Not long ago, Namibian taxpayers flooded the social media platforms with their "dismay" when Namibia pledged N$9 million towards the African Union (AU) intervention in Mali. Proportionally, the European Union pledged more than $650 million to help Mali rebuild after its conflict.

At the time of writing this column Anuwa some taxpayers are organising themselves to petition the authority and reprimand it for abusing taxpayers money by donating a house to the former President of Zambia Dr. Kenneth Kaunda.

Although an explanation was given that Namibia's donation to Kaunda is a token of appreciation for the contribution the former president made in the struggle for the liberation of Namibian through hosting Namibians in his country, anuwa the taxpayers would not have any of that!

Meanwhile, to add salt to injury, an animal right group is hell-bend to petition the United Nations after Namibia decided to donate 279 animals to Cuba. Again an explanation that the friendship between Cuba and Namibia was rooted in bloodshed during the struggle for the Independence of Namibia was not convincing enough. Taxpayers claimed to see no justifications for their money to foot the bill of transporting the animals to Cuba. Can someone please explain to the Namibia taxpayers that Namibia is a product of International solidarity?

Can someone please elaborate further that all other countries have taxpayers too but they fully understand that "mkweni mu uvila ta li ha talika"- Always be ready to rescue the vulnerable" One hopes that the current donations pouring into Namibia will serve as a wakeup call to the so-called unpatriotic fellows who hide behind the name of taxpayers to smell the coffee and start applauding the Namibian government whenever it returns favours!


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