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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Hapo can't one crack a joke in politics? Last year, omunene (elder) Katutire Kaura anuwa jokingly announced that he was retiring from active politics, after his party dismally failed to vote him into state house since 1998.

Lately, Kaura made a u-turn and "decided he was going to run for office again as he was persuaded by his supporters to continue. Unfortunately, his inner party opponents are refusing to take his joke lightly. He might pay with his position after a mere joke. A lesson to elders not to joke with kids!

Anuwa so many factors came into play which forced omunene to change his mind. The main one being the fact that his struggle era opponents whom he sent to Robin Island with his masters gracefully did not make it to Auas Blick. Honourable Kaura was made to believe that revenge was on the table should one of his victims succeed tatekulu Pohamba. Convinced that he will be "forgotten" and "omitted" from state functions, he opted to announce his ship jumping exercise.

After having confirmed that, the comrades from exile will continue calling the shots at Auas Blick, omunene became comfortable and decide to stay on praying that left over votes next time will not be allocated to All People's Party but to him personally. It however seems that some naughty boys who "could not wait for their age mates to feature in politics" are determined to spoil honourable Kaura's planned last five years in parliament.

After his announcement on TV and in the newspapers that he will indeed be available for cocktails, parliamentary trips and standing committees S&T as he has done for the past 15 years, his Secretary General took advantage of Gini-Coefficient of the country's rating and headed straight to Opuwo to launch his presidential ambitions campaign. As anticipated, very few if none have read newspapers, listened to radio or watched news to notice that honourable Kaura has reversed his retirement announcement. In the absence of being informed about any other contendants, to them, the launch of "McHenry Venaani, the time is now for party President campaign was genuine.

But Venaani seems to have thrown in a tower already before the fight started or he is being pure honest? Cognisance that he will not win beyond Party presidency, he boldly told his audience that his aim was to "change Namibian opposition politics from being mere critics to gearing towards bringing new ideas".

There seems to be a truth in saying "if people are not laughing at your dreams then your dreams are not big enough". In April this year, the current DTA President to the amusement of his colleagues commented that next time he will be delivering the State of the Nation Address. That was bold compared to Venaani's promise.

Anuwa instilling intellectuality in the opposition parties? Telling Opuwo audience nogal ? Muatje udja koshiti! The time is not now!


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