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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
The Honourable Councillors of the Khomas Region finally woke up after having heard through the press that as from next month they will as individual with households pay a total increase of 58% on Windhoek municipality services.

I am quite aware of the responsibility of regional councillors in some constituencies past and present such as Honourable Joseph Mupetami, of Okatjali, Honourable Nghaamwa the Governor of Ohangwena and Hon. Arie Frederick of Groot Aub. Their work, you hear on radios, newspapers and among villagers by word of mouth.

Ask any toddler in Okatjali who their councillor is and they will scream Mupetami. Now ask any University student in Windhoek Wes, East , and Rural who their constituency councillors are and I bet you they will google before giving you an answer. One wonders why do citizens in those constituencies vote? Just to make sure that our "councillors" at least get a salary and climb on a political ladder?

The last time I heard about my councillor was when I saw him on the posters asking for my vote in 2010. It has been now three years and not a word from him on what I want for my constituency. These constituencies might not have portable water problem like their counterparts elsewhere. But they have indeed needs and concerns.

Facilities such as public barbeque places, we are made to drive to other constituencies in order to access them. This is because there has not been a platform where we can air our views on what services we need. There is a need for community halls where school children could do their school work away from Cartoon Network and other distractions.

Indeed we are aware that being in the capital city is different from our colleagues in Okanguati. But who said that all our school leavers want to do office work? There are aspiring entrepreneurs in these "city" constituencies who have learned several arts such as hair doing, nails and others and why can't they also have their "Horse Shoe" and "Soweto Markets" in the heart of Pioneerspark or in Ludwigsdorp? It is a fact that prices of renting is sky high in Malls around Windhoek.

These youth need to be assisted if we have to promote entrepreneurship and encourage employment creation. Other councillors are arranging for their "citizens" to be trained through COSDECs and similar organisations. Regional councillors in the "city constituencies" have been elected since 1992 but we are still to see a tangible development project.

In these Windhoek West, Rural and East constituencies it seems the motto is vote for me and expect ZERO from me as well. I was under the impression that operating in a municipal area made the work and duties of the regional councillors at least easy since part of their duties is being done by the town councillors.

Poor City of Windhoek want to render services to its residents that is why they increase services. One would expect that regional councillors also motivate their budget which could complement the city's budget and fund facilities such as taxi ranks in Rocky Crest, Dorado Park, Hochland Park, P i o n i e r s p a r k , Academia,UNAM, Prosperita, Cimbebasia, Olympia, Suiderhof, Kleine Kuppe, Southern Industrial Area, Eros, Klein Windhoek, Central Business District (CBD), Windhoek West, Windhoek North, Northern Industrial Area. These are facilities which benefit their constituencies.

If Regional Councillors argue that Act 22 of 1992 (Regional Council Act) does not empower them to have a budget cause they are operating within a boundary of a town, my argument is suggest its amendments. After all you are law makers not only reviewers! We definitely deserve better! As for now, when it comes to services by our regional councillors, we remain critical but stable! (Whatever it means).


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura