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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Assumption is indeed a bad habit. In most cases is proven wrong. I have to admit that I was wrong to assume that some "skills" were reserved for specific tribes. Skills like that of throwing stones effectively to cause bodily harm and skills of stealing an elephant to mention but a few.

But some skills such as barbarically attempt to murder by slitting someone's throat with a broken bottle have forced me to burry my stereotyping.

Omaheke is known for some hard die broederbond spirits but the events of the last weeks reminded us all that racism is still alive just like discrimination.

Anuwa it all started with right to admission reserved which in other words means 'racism through the backdoor'. As much as one understands that clubs are exclusively for members, one wonder whether a black person will ever be allowed to apply and get admitted to take up memberships as well in club such as the Buffalo Club !

To echo Prime Minister's word why members only club in public areas? It should not be allowed.

Chapter 3 Article 10 Clause (2) of the Namibian constitutions stipulated that "No persons may be discriminated against on the grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, creed or social or economic status."

Apart from Buffalo Club which discriminates on the basis of race, Article 10 (2) is being violated publically with impunity.

Various adverts in both print and electronic media are looking for male or female workers. That is discrimination on the ground of sex. This means that an equally qualified person is prohibited simply because of his/ her sex.

Radio announcements looking for cattle herders on various radio services often stated that a person should be originated from the West of former Owamboland or being specific that should be Omukwanyama ngeno.

These are discriminations which are prohibited by the constitution yet they are ranging on unabated.

Citizens are suffering in silent as long as there is no Levi Katire to sacrifice.

This takes one to another question of who is monitoring the compliance of the Namibian constitution apart from the Namibia police who acts when someone laid a charge. Civil Societies should take the lead in awareness campaigns aimed at sensitizing Namibians that is not only racial discrimination which is a criminal offence but all kind of discriminations meted against anybody is against the law of the Republic.

And speaking of the law of the Republic one wonder what happened to issue of redline hano? The other time I tried to bring my dry mean from my village to my house in Windhoek and was forced to dump them in the dustbin at Oshivelo. Apparently all in the name of Animal Health Act (Act 1 of 2011). Yet while I could not move with my dry meat which was in fact hiden in my car boot, anuwa some cattle owners have cross unnoticed in desperation to safe their livestock from drought.

The same Act which prohit me to bring my dry meat also stated: "that Permit is required for movement of prescribed animals from registered establishment and continue that a person may not remove any prescribed animal from a registered establishment to any other place within Namibia, unless the person holds a movement permit granted under subsection (3) which authorises the movement of the prescribed animal from the registered establishment to that other place. My question is how did the 500 herd of cattle find their way where they are today?

It seems Murphy is at it again. Just as we thought that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, then the tunnel is caving in. Please do not tell me that that all these bad vibes going on in the country is because "we have discovered oil? People is not yet of commercial value please! Oil is well known for its peace - destabilization curse but why can't we prove everyone wrong including the Murphy's of this world?


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