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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Anuwa oshikukuta (drought) is in full swing and its snowball effects are almost taking their toll already.

In villages, school children are said to be always late for classes anuwa because roosters- omakondombolo who normally wakes them up with their cloak are just as weak as the cattle and have no energy to wake up human beings whom they saw eating dinner the previous night while they went to bed with empty stomachs !

Anuwa, this year is the only year teachers and nurses and everyone who is employed but has a farm/ village house is regretting for having boasted all along being aanashilonga (work force).

Anuwa the government has announced, whoever is working, his village homestead will not receive a bag of maize meal and the instruction is clear "just go buy food rations for your 20 extended relatives you gather in your house in an anticipation for them to cultivate your field when it rains" .It did not rain, they did not work yet one has to feed them.

Whoever has decided on that strategy is definitely not in touch with the reality and epangelo nali talapo nawa opo! the government must relook at the issue.

Jokes aside, it seems this drought is taking inhabitants of the land of (tribalism) oops brave to the era of hunter-gatherer era. Just to read that some Aakwanyama who resides in Ondonga have been given eviction orders to vacate their land and drive their animals out, it gives me goose bumps of fear. It is well documented that tribal warfare is typically and certainly found among horticultural tribes and mostly is triggered by certain circumstances, such as scarce resources.

But do we have to follow the Wikipedia theory step by step to prove them right ? Can somebody tell the Ondonga King's Special Commission that "uuyuni mpoka owa tembukapo alikana - people have moved on please!

Nowadays people are talking about the promotion of brands tribalism. The trend is about to brand ourselves as Namibians, Africans and Global citizens. Brand tribalism requires that we jealously promote unity and development of village called Namibia. With new Brand Tribalism we should focus on the emerging challenges in business and technology and keep Namibia competitive to compete globally, but not to chase and evict each other because this one refer to ME as ngame and the other ame ! If his majesty's Special / Delimitation Commission has so much energy, instead of being spear-throwing happy why can't they give the residents of Ongombo West in Khomas a crash- course in water well digging- okuhupa oondungu!

Anuwa the formally landless turned land full by resettlement are longing to the slavery era because there is no water on their farm.

Vakwetu when are we going to be masters of our own destiny? This is the land of the brave hallow, where we believe in Billy Ocean's when the going is getting tough, the tough get going! Oshikukuta pashi? - What a drought.


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