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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Did you heed the call to strike / abstain? To hurt who? To support who? And who will anyway know that i did not do it? How will I know that the instigators (oops sorry mobilizes) did it? Why do I have to address violence with violence?

The biblical an eye for an eye or what is the reason behind the call hano?

We had to take up the arm struggle cause that was the only language the oppressor understood but this "ek sal nie gee story" is too extreme, dramatic, farfetched and does not address the issue of gender violence! It might even increase it. So what is the point?

Too many questions than answers. Indeed I respect my elders but aaye I believe there are many ways to kill the cat. It would be better if we start with serious campaigns telling man to stop the rot of killing and raping women and children. If we are really serious, the rallies can start in all the Eveline streets in each town every Friday evening. Parallel to the Shebbeens and Cucashops talk shows, a vigorous campaign should also be designed targeting both boys and girls in primary, secondary and higher education institutions.

While boys should be told that you do not resort to violence when a woman say no, the girls should also be told that it is never okay to chop his money, demand Brazilian hair, request to be taken to UNAM and POLY everyday by the taxi of your "temporally uneducated cash cow boyfriend" and dump him immediately the day after your graduation!

There are capable public and private institutions such as the Ministry of Gender, Youth and Parliaments who should join hands to address gender based violence. There are too many signals to indicate that our gender based violence is ruining our reasoning and need drastic measures to address it.

How do you correlate the recent incident of the curtain hook incident whereby a 12 year old boy insert it in the private parts of the 2 years female toddler to the issue of denying your husband / partner sex as a measure of addressing gender based violence?

Gender based violence is a serious matter which needs serious actions! Ending on a political note (definitely not commercial) anuwa Vince- Orascom has dropped its arrogant nonsense on daring to sue the Namibian government for having awarded the Neckartal Dam construction to Salini SpA.

Can somebody please speak in Arabic and Afrikaans to the CSJ joint venture (to hell with sub judice) to follow suit because it is really the right thing to do! In the meantime, we are not deterred! Forward ever with Neckartal construction!


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