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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Too many has happened in a week from revelations that indeed Kangaroo meat is on our shelves to 12 unauthorised planes hoping from Katima Mulilo, Rundu and only get noticed at Ondangwa airport by curious villagers!

Is there no mechanism in place to monitor and immediately detect 12 flying objects whose destinations and missions have not been communicated to the authority hano?

And to imagine that these planes covered almost 2000km of the land of the brave's air space illegally where was the brave who is entrusted with my safety?

The two incidents raised questions about our safety and trust. While we were recovering from several explanations on what really has not happened, those who give imports licence dropped a bomb confirming that indeed they issued licence to meat producers / importers to import Kangaroo meat, terms and conditions apply.

It seems that terms and conditions were passed to the consumers as well. Should I really trust what I buy in the market although it is labelled? While Kangaroo meat is known to be high in protein and low in fat, the issue here is I must decide to consume it and not being deceived and betrayed in order for someone to maximise profit!

Anuwa what we pride as our "high quality beef" is enhanced with Kangaroo meat? Apparently the findings of the presence of Kangaroo DNA in our diet were currently confined to the Game Chilli Dry Sausage! What guarantee do we as consumer have that what is labelled as dry sausage is also not kanga bangas' (kangaroo sausages)?

In the wake of prevailing drought, where both beef and game might be genuinely not available, prepare to consume Kangaroo meat officially. It seems the only way to make sure that you know what kind of meat one is consuming is to slaughter it yourself. It however seems that only farmers and those close to villages might be able to determine their diets.

As for the town hoppers continue to be at the mercy of the traders. Talking of towns hoppers, I was amazed when I visited the Asian town in the northern industry area of Windhoek recently. There is this fresh produce market selling spinach, tomatoes, onions potatoes and others. Anuwa these products have been produced in a backyard in a complex on the fourth floor in tins and plastic containers due to limited land availability to the "Asian farmer".

That market is ever cramped with customers buying. I left disgusted by myself and my fellow citizens' lack of initiatives.

Some of us have backyards big enough to have gardens yet due to our dependent syndrome we think too low on production and too high on buying with money we borrow!

For how long will this have to continue? One hope that for the sake of the 12 May Movement we will pull up our socks and start consuming what we produce even if it means emulating the "flat farmer's techniques.

In the meantime, lets all cheer and sing Happy Birthday Founding Father of the Namibian Nation Dr. Sam Nujoma!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura