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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
Two weeks ago a weekly tabloid carried a screaming headline stating that Namibian women are running amok in all directions all in the name of being First ladies come 2015. After I read the article three issues came to my mind.. Firstly I felt betrayed and corned into spending my money in worthless article. Secondly I felt insulted as a woman by a chauvinist and bias scriber. Lastly the article showed no respect for an elder who will be my country's next President.

A cat bite a dog is a human interesting story while a dog bite a cat is not. I however fail to understand why calls from women to their Prime Minister hit headlines.

Does the tabloid mean that the future President does not receive calls from men in his office? Why are the Namibian women who equally have a duty to contribute to the national building of this country have to be labeled as "besiegers" and competing to be First Ladies seekers just because they are calling the office of the Prime Minister?

Suppose, the next President was a bachelorette, would the calls and visit of countrymen to his office be labeled as "hordes of male proposing her? I doubt. As usual I engaged Veii.

He took me through all reasons of freedom of expression and the right to know theories. I failed to be convinced. The article is in bad faith, malicious, and demeaning towards women!

Affirmation: Dr. Hage Geingob is the next Namibian President. It is fait accompli. The press is not jumping the gun as alleged by Honorable Ben Ulenga recently in Parliament. The press and everyone else are visualizing. When one visualize, one is emitting a powerful frequency out into the universe and come election time, the Press' will; will be done!


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