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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
The Khomasians (natives including some 'mbwitis' of Khomas region) are at it again. Anuwa a taxi driver gave a ride to a ghost and later became hysteric. His ordeal was broadcast live on one of the radio services beaming into Windhoek.

And whether this was true or not, it appeared one clever customer heard this and tried her luck. She got a ride in a taxi from town and demanded to be dropped at the gate of a cemetery. But when the taxi driver demanded his due, the passenger looked into his eyes and asked: "Do residents of this place (pointing to the cemetery) also pay?

My sources tell me, the taxi driver did not look back, drove away Schumacher or Hipondoka style, minus N$9 - convinced he had given a ride to a ghost!

But do the Khomasians exist? And the Kuneneans, the Oshanians , Otjozondjupians and the Karasians ? What, I, know for sure is that the Caprivians do exist.

The question is for how long? Rumour has it that the only region in the country which has its bayahi (inhabitants) proudly branding themselves after the region are about to be extinct! The second Delimitation Commission recently received a recommendation suggesting that Caprivi be renamed Zambezi (Lyambai) region thus baptizing Caprivians to Zambezians.

Some bayahi ba Caprivi (people from Caprivi region), however, have vowed that the region might change in the statue books but irrespective of their tribal affiliations they will remain "Caprivians" until the second coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

In their own words: "cibi ku bantu, ku banyina mafuta" ( no matter how ugly a child is, to the mother he/she is the most beautiful thing that happened to her).

Justifying the love for Caprivi my sister from another mother confided in me "Caprivians love their region's name unconditionally without taking into consideration its colonial connotation as history is what makes our existence".

One just hopes that the underlying tensions will be a thing of the past in this beautiful, scenic region, and perhaps the idea of renaming the Region might lead to the lasting swalisano (unity) in the region. Biblical doubting Thomases of Caprivi are however sceptical whether the renaming will this time materialise as this is not the first attempt to change the region from the German Major General Leo von Caprivi's name.

In 1992 the Delimitation Commission proposed the name Liambezi instead of Caprivi. Liambezi is a lake in Caprivi region. It was created in 1958 when the Zambezi River rose to one of the highest levels. Since then, Lake Liambezi with its rich soil deposit continues to play an important part in the local people's way of life in the form of schools of fish and fertile farmland when the lake dried up.

But the thought of having the entire region named after it seems to have scared the lake to the extent that while different tribes were debating on who's favour the region will be if it is called Liambezi, the lake decided to dry up for almost ten years depriving the inhabitants of their livelihood.

I am told that when the dust settled and the lake "heard" that the plan to rename the region after it was abandoned, it again started to flow and residents resumed their fishing and ploughing activities.

Now bayahi ba Caprivi are scared that what if the river gets advised by the lake and also dries up in protest?

Anuwa ( apparently) with African Science, this is possible especially in the wake of the tree which stood up and rose from death (after the third day) recently according to both electronic and print media reports!


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