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By M'kwanailya wa Mweuta
It's today or never! My passion started in 1989 while as an intern at Zambia Daily Mail, when I was assigned to grow young readers for the weekly insert and Anuwa was born.

Omupendu ihauyolo-The bereaved will always need to be consoled!

Although this is a light social commentary, sadly I have to start with paying my respect to Dr. Abraham Deliver Iyambo. In one of my favourite languages I would mourn him saying: Nu vekutjitivi mukuetu omuzando murumendu

uozondunge ozombaera... Omuzando murumendu ngumatja himure nu himusupi!!!

Nu vekutjitivi mukuetu omuzando murumendu. Nguaire aua kengama nambano ua kotoka amo kondo mauje netambo... (What did they do to you the smart ones, you went walking straight and came back cruising the world on your back).

But again, this is confirming what a man is all about in my culture: Omulumenhu ohashiti ukupulwa pale, noshayi noshayi ililile noshaaluka nosheya. (A real man is compared to a stick you throw in the wilderness, it might come back or it might not) I am glad I have witnessed your vigor and your determination to deliver. There are other noble men and women who have been assigned with various responsibilities, but your determination to revamp our education surpasses all others.

You made 'deliver' your anthem. For, you knew just like President Pohamba knew. He recently emphasised "the right to vote would be meaningless if the elected do not deliver on their promises of a better life and provision of public services". My consolation is that the nation will embrace the deliver culture to keep your legacy alive! Onto other matters, February has indeed proven itself to be a peculiar, strange month. The Pope, the Head of the Catholic Church and also Christ's representative here on earth, baffled all of us with his decision to 'abdicate' his pastoral throne.

On the mother continent, prayers have been reaching the heavens pleading for an African pope or at least one from the developing world (or the so-called third-world countries, according to some obnoxious, racist western media).

Our resolve is underlined by the sheer numbers of ardent followers of the Catholic faith who hail from Latin America, Africa and Asia; we are the silent majority. I must say, the vote carries special meaning here in Africa and whether Catholic or not, in the spirit of unity, we are all rallying behind our candidate - Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson. Or would this be Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze's chance? He lost to the current retiring Bishop!

Unfortunately, I suspect that we will have to adopt the tactics of African opposition parties, who cry foul every time they get a proper hiding at the polls. Before the election has even started at the College of Cardinals, we understand that Europeans will


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