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Africa, The Third World And The Great Leap Forward

By Ben Uugwanga
In order for Africa and the Third World to make a Great Leap Forward, they should embrace the worship and praise of God Almighty in truth and spirit. At the same time, Africa and the Third World should destroy strongholds and inclinations that uplift themselves above the power and wisdom of God Almighty.

Another, challenge is for Africa and the Third World to become united and organized around a common agenda that reflects a Christian-centric vision for their political, economic, cultural and financial progress. The African and Third World leader, should embrace servant-hood leadership and the African masses and the base should promote and live by a life in the spirit that is to be good, caring, loving, self-controlled, sexually pure, patient, enduring, joyful, happy, tenacious, Christ-like, respect holy matrimony, promote pro-action, value talent, empower the marginalized, promote harmony, promote peace, promote complementarities, promote honesty and a purpose driven, goal oriented life style and promote the true worship of God Almighty in spirit and truth and obedience to His commands.

Given the win-loose relations, carrot and sticks politics and the double talk by the Western Dominion which is the hegemonic power since the collapse of the Soviet Union, presented to Africa and the Third World through deceptive economic policies and defective development remedies the time is now for Africa and the Third World to de-link from the world economic system which is under the plutocratic leadership of the global money power elite and promote South-South Co-operation. In this instance Africa and the Third World should advocate for one global currency providing equal purchasing power to all nations without putting one entity at an advantage over the other.

Africa and the Third World have enough capacity and expertise to chart an agenda for their citizens given the willingness to shake of the inferiority complex that came about because of cultural imperialism and that amounted to Afro-pessimism in the case of Africa, and neo-colonialism in the case of the Third World and Africa.

The revolution which promised an egalitarian world order has been hijacked by personality cults, reactionaries, kleptocrats, agents of foreign capital, sycophants, praise singers and hero worshippers. The Western Dominion through the hegemonic class of intellectuals, academics, knowledge workers, the media, state security apparatus, non-governmental organizations and the reactionary kleptocratic cult of the person leadership gained control over the minds of Africa and the Third World through the structuring of values, thoughts, perceptions, principles, policies which benefit western and foreign imperialism.

The time is now, for Africa and the Third World to build on the contributions of endogenous talent, promote harmony, promote co-existence, promote Christianity and align the metapolicy to a Christian-centric system thinking knowledge creation and application agenda and where necessary adapt and replicate best practice technocentric and organizational knowledge from other sources noting that knowledge is universal, provided that such knowledge is not in conflict with God's Law.

In the face of the global economic financial melt down, Africa and the Third World should become resilient of outside pressure in the form of economic and cultural dictates aiming at perpetuating economic pauperization and cultural imperialism. Additionally, Africa and the Third World must invest in Christian-centered life skills and servant-hood leadership and reject the hedonistic culture of debauchery, sexual immorality, sexual corruption, a purpose-less and goal- less driven life style, the abuse of drugs and alcohol, fight against corruption and crime and the exploitation of man by man.

The challenge for Africa and the Third World is to conceptualize what they think and align scientific rationalistic knowledge and humanistic philosophies to Christian-centric wisdom. At the same time Africa and the Third World should manufacture what they consume, using technology that is aligned to an eco-friendly techno-centric body of knowledge. The production of organic food stuff for own and foreign consumption should also be promoted and embarked upon. The breeding of animals through artificial insemination should be stopped through legislation as it is un-ethical and against God's Law.

The frankenstein genetic engineering body knowledge imposed on the world because of scientific arrogance suffered by pseudo scientists including the promotion of nuclear missphilosophy should also be rejected at all cost, by Africa and the Third World and the world at large. Frankenstein genetic modified medication derived from human and animal tissues should be stopped. The true medicinal regime must derive medication from herbs and plants only because God has revealed true medication to all cultures in the form of herbs and plants and not through Frankenstein genetic engineered medication derived from animal and human tissues, propagated as true medication. God can heal anyone who petition Him through prayer and through faith and obedience to His commands. His healing is given through a hidden manna that he provides to true believers and faithful ones (Revelation 2 vs. 17).

The world has experienced self-destruction spiritually, culturally, economically, politically, environmentally and in the lives of individuals. During this crucial time in the history of the world which is characterized by the fall in the power of the principalities, rulers and governments, the challenge is to reclaim back the Lost Estate of Adam by means of Christianizing the legislative framework of governments, promoting Christian-centric values and principles through government service and the foreign policy and for the non-state actors under the leadership of the Church to promote the discipleship of communities to the Christian faith both locally, nationally and internationally.

At the same the education system, the cultural system, humanistic philosophy and the body knowledge of scientific rationalism should be Christianized for Africa and the Third World to become a moral leader of the world in the face of the resistance by the hegemonic dominion of West refusal to see to it that the world moves towards equality.

The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trading Organization should be overhauled and their policy dictates be done away with because they represent the interest of the global money power elite who promote an agenda of hegemonic currencies and unfair currency valuations for the Third World, unfair commodity pricing, profit over people, private control of the banking sector, non-sustainable development philosophy and non-eco friendly forms of technology and the promotion of militarism, and nuclear missphilosophy and the funding of revolutionary anarchy.

Africa and the Third World's economic, financial, institutional, techno-centric, organizational and system-thinking under- performance is attributed to the rejection of the Word of God. The answer to man's redemption lies in Christianity.


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