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Africa: The other side of the coin
In the Times of the “Arab Spring”, “Regime Change”, “Pro-Democracy Revolts”, “Civil- and Tribal Wars”, “Genocide and Xenophobia” enforced “Governments of National Unity (GNU)” and Neo-Colonial International Western Global Expansionism and Resources Grab … how safe is Africa?

By Udo W. Froese

Let’s first begin with a brief overview of Africa’s regions, countries and states at risk. All of them are directly exposed to real security risks.

The globally propagandised “Arab Spring” was thoroughly prepared and eventually executed in Arabic North Africa and the Mid East.

This columnist’s reliable contacts inform that despite a huge global propaganda campaign against Col. Muammar Khadafy, he remains popular among a great part of Libya’s population. Many Libyans view the “prodemocracy rebels” as criminals.

They say, those “rebels” represent only themselves and their hands drip with the blood of their kith and kin. They have their own, recent proxy government in place, known as “National Transitional Council (NTC)”.

Under serious pressure from world bodies and governments and their lobby groups, the African Union and South Africa eventually accepted that Council as Libya’s official government. It is observed that there is a groundswell in Tripoli that still supports Col. Muammar Khadafy. However, they fear for their lives, hiding in their backyards.

The major factor in NATO’s efforts to make a contribution to “nation building” in Libya, as the British cynic and former Prime Minister, Tony Blair described NATO’s bombing in a BBC TV interview, is actually the blatant grab of Libya’s oil fields, sharing the loot with Canada, France, Italy and the USA.

In fact, no one bought the line that NATO’s “humane bombing for democracy” of Libya’s population is to force a ‘regime change’ for the “pro-democratic” and “oppressed” peoples of Libya. This is a mere fig leaf to cover NATO’s illegal and illegitimate bombing of a souvereign country and its population.

NATO’s bombs brought the NTC into Tripoli. The international West is hell bent to enforce a pro-international Western democracy throughout the world, whatever it takes. Political observers in that region point out that NATO would remain in power in Libya for ten years. Libya will receive a new constitution, similar to the divided Sudan.

This is damning and could befall the African continent like a vicious plague, particularly as African heads-of-state are viewed with the same respect as a community leader from Zola, a zoned area in the township of Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa.

In that light the African Union (AU), the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in the southern African region and Ecowas would actually have no option, but to unanimously condemn those brutal wars with their inevitable and subsequent outcome of a resource-grab. In return, Libya’s oil should now be declared blood oil. Africa needs to stand its ground. Foreign created and guided terrorist wars, packaged as “civil wars, tribal wars, genocide and xenophobia” waged throughout Africa, including in Central Africa – in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) against its murdered president Laurent Kabila. The DRC’s Northeast province was destabilised when foreign armed and guided terrorist bands went on a bloody rampage.

Kabila’s son, Joseph Kabila followed in his father’s footsteps and is the incumbent headof- state. The DRC should be used to foreign manipulated ‘regime changes’, bearing its history in mind. The first democratically elected head-of-state, Patrice Lumumba, was simply murdered and the one-man-dictator, Mobutu Sese Seko, was installed as “president-for-life” of Zaire (DRC today).

Sudan had to give in to foreign- mastered terrorist wars in its south, which eventually secessionized the South from the main country of Sudan and became an “independent, souvereign” South Sudan, the youngest country on the African continent. Both countries had to compile a new constitution and restructure the ownership of the oil fields.

Countries having undergone “regime changes” in West Africa were Ghana under Kwame Nkrumah, Liberia under Charles Taylor and Cote d’Ivoire under Laurent Gbagbo. Adding insult to injury, Dutch and Swiss corporations dumped toxic waste in the water resource for the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, killing many locals as widely reported.

Another popular international Western interventionist change of governments is the dictate through, amongst others, sanctions, then lobbied by agents of the neo-colonial expansionists. Those outcomes are called “governments of national unity (gnu)”. Kenya in East Africa under president Mwai Kibaki had to succumb to just that, when he had to accommodate Raila Odinga as Prime Minister.

Southern Africa has its own security risks, though similar to above-mentioned regions, where Madagascar underwent a “regime change”, when a young DJ and his “orange movement for democracy” toppled the president. In the case of Swaziland, foreign steered nation-wide protests organised amongst others, by South African trade unionists and “civil societies” against King Mswati III are repeatedly launched with the committed support from an amoral gutter media with its own hidden agendas.

Then, of course, there is Zimbabwe. Its president Robert Mugabe and the ruling ZANUPF party are pet hates of the Caucasian Judeo-Christian civilised international West and their paid-up minions, who cannot forget their exclusive and abundant privileges they enjoyed under their hero, the late Ian Smith. They therefore, continuously express their tendentious, neo-colonial, racist hatred of the African-Zimbabwean president in their media, trying to smear him with all the opportunistic dirt they can pull from their gutters. Racial hatred based on confused opportunism is the real cause hereof.

Mugabe’s sharp intellect, his hands-on information and ZANU-PF’s defiance of neocolonial- racist international Western efforts to grab the country’s resources, showing the black middle finger to a neo-liberal pink-white face seems unforgivably embarrassing. The foreign interests embarrassed themselves even more when they insisted on a “government of national unity (gnu)” and had their MDC-T’s Morgan Tsvangirai included as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, similar to Raila Odinga with his “Orange Democratic Movement” in Kenya.

That move demonstrated to the world that Tsvangirai simply couldn’t deliver. On urgent request of his government, Tsvangirai had repeatedly called for the unconditional and immediate lifting of all sanctions against Zimbabwe. However, no one listened and the sanctions remain in place.

Even his “friends” in the West now describe the poor man as “intellectually challenged, needing their guidance”. Zimbabweans thus ask, why would they vote for such failure? Is this the reason why the international West wants to postpone democratic elections in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sudan and the DRC have three common sins: (i) they have real wealth of resources, not a paper currency only, (ii) look east towards China for investments and business and (iii) are well educated and seriously informed, therefore think for themselves. They too have access to intelligence information and understand the corporatisation that established globalisation.

Yes, believe it or not, Africa has smelled that rat and it stinks. The foreign interests in Africa divided this continent into five regions: North Africa; East Africa; West Africa; Central Africa and Southern Africa.

Then they set up their bulwarks – geo-strategically positioned countries in these various regions to control them through a host of influence mechanisms. However, even the stooges of the neo-colonial Expansionistas, also known as Trojan Horses in their regions, cannot be sure that they too will fall foul of their masters in future.

Those African countries currently enjoy the support of their foreign “friends” as they receive more aid, easier access to markets and finance and are not exposed to harsh international sanctions implemented by the UN Security Council. All of this is not a debate for democracy and all its “freedoms”.

It’s an ‘in your face’, hard-core greed of unscrupulous, psychopathic megalomaniacs serving a global elite exclusively. They bully Africa’s resources from the original landowners in turn for the countries’ debts with the World Bank-IMF.

The fruits of Africa’s resources and cheap labour are used to manage such debt, a debt manipulated by the owners of the Breton Woods institutes. It makes any growth impossible. We live in the time of a global financial and debt Armageddon. This is global terrorism.


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