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Africa the mother of all continents, but a misused, manipulated and abused continent

By Sioni Aluta Iikela
On the onset, I must register my disagreement, dismay and shock with the slaughtering of my African brothers and sisters in Libya by the strong military nations of the West and United Satanic Alliance (aka USA).

This whole onslaught was clandestinely planned by USA, France and Britain and supported by the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) under resolution 1973. This is a barbaric, notorious and atrocious resolution of “no fly zone” in Libya, apparently aimed at protecting civilians; and African countries such as South Africa, Gabon and Nigeria both voted in favor of the resolution.

It is widely spoken that the NATO is planning to assassinate the Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi. In their attempt, they killed Gaddafi’s young son and two of his grandchildren. Now, if I may ask, what is that Obama, Cameron, Sarackoz and their fellow bloodsuckers want in Libya? Why NATO does not want to listen to African Union (AU), the only legitimate body on this situation in Libya? Why NATO does not want to let AU to spearhead dialogues in Libya? Will the killing of Col. Gaddafi and people of Libya bring peace and to whom?

Political publication has it that USA and their partners in killing Africans have previously been in Libya and when Col. Gaddafi got onto power managed to close their military bases and walk them out of his country. This and of course other unjustifiable reasons angered America and they have attempted to assassinate him (Gaddafi) in 1986, but failed to kill him and instead they killed Gaddafi’s daughter. Is it that USA just wants to go steal Libyan oil as they have been doing during the time of the dictator who was leading Libya before Col. Gaddafi through the “true revolution” ousted him? Is it that USA wants to plant their puppet like the one they planted before? Is it that USA wants to colonize Africa, just like the European did after the Berlin conference?

They are now claiming that Col. Gaddafi has lost morale to lead the people of Libya, as if it was them who gave him the morale when Col. Gaddafi mobilized his people to unite and free themselves from the dictators who sold Libyan resources to these wolves, the true scavengers of the world. America, Italy, France, Britain, Qattara, Germany, Spain and Israel has got no good records of humanitarians, thus have got no morale position to claim that Col.

Gaddafi who took care of his people and so many African countries has lost morale to lead his people. Did they ever have morale to lead their people in their life? It is funny that even the United Nation that have in recent years highly ranked Libyan government as one of the caring government where there are no rich and poor people, crime rate very low, people well taken care of, education and health care are free and no taxes, has joined the ridiculous chorus of Col. Gaddafi having no morale to lead his people.

Visit by Hilary Clinton in Africa

Recently, the USA madam visited Africa where she toured some African countries including Zambia and concluded her visit by addressing the African Union (AU). While in Zambia, the madam gave instruction to Africa to trade only with the USA and ceases any trading/ relation with China. She accused China of not honoring the international standard of trading and so on. Thanks to Zambian President for setting the record straight on the relationship between Africa and China.

I know the madam was embarrassed and angered by the remarks of the Zambian President, Cde. Rupiah Banda but this is nothing but the truth. All she had in her head when she started planning her visit to Africa is all but their bloody interests in our continent.

All the time she smiles, she thinks about how they can rob and forcefully take away our resources. The madam has the liberty to tell Africans to stop thinking by themselves and wait for USA Mad House (aka White House) to tell us to jump and we must obey. The madam came to tell us that we are nothing but robots, so we must wait until they provide power for us to function. The madam then concluded her African insults at the AU, where she was ordering Africans what to do about Libya. This madam wants Africans to let people to be slaughtered because of our resources bequeathed upon us.

Who is she to tell African countries to cut ties with Libya? Who is she to tell African governments to expel all Libyan embassies that are pro- Gaddafi? By the way it suppose to be vice-versa, therefore I call our true and genuine African governments to expel all embassies of the countries that are members to NATO, as a sign of solidarity with the Libyan people. One simple question I have to our useless AU is who gave permission to this madam to come lecture Africans on what to do? Why AU should be lectured by the murders that are killing our people, on what base was she given that platform? If USA is interested in peace and democracy, why do they continue to support some of the dictators in the world? Why they are not interested in what is going on in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Syria? Why are they supporting the killing of Palestinians by Israel? USA is known to support all the dictators, most killer-leaders that were on this world; they supported Idi Amini, Mobuto Sese Seko, Jonas Savimbi, P. W. Botha, etc. Who are they now to come and tell us about democracy and rule of laws?

They killed and have been always sponsoring war against most of our true prominent African leaders.

They killed late Cde. Patrice Lumumba, now they are here preaching democracy; do they have democracy in their own country if Obama has decided alone, together with his cohorts to bombard the Libyan people? Africans, let us open our eyes to see what NATO is doing to our continent. Africans let us listen to what is NATO saying and analyze what these wolves are doing to our continent. African let us realize that Africa, the mother continent of all the continents in the world is being misused, leaders and her ordinary people are manipulated and abused for the interests of our former masters.

The upcoming visit by USA First Lady Mrs. Michel Obama

s I have learnt through the electronic Medias in South Africa that the American First Lady will be visiting Africa in due course. These chains of visits by Americans to Africa including this specific one raise many questions than answers. I personally think that Mrs. Obama should not be allowed to visit Africa until her husband who is one of the deadly commanders of the strong military operations in Libya stop the killing of innocent people of Libya. She is heartless to the African women and kids, if she is not, why is she not condemning the slaughtering of the innocent people of Libya?

I think her visit is part of the USA strategy to confuse Africans to believe that Col. Muammar Gaddafi is the one killing people in Libya. Yes, his soldiers may kill people through crossfire, but this was not his will, he is doing it to protect the people of Libya. Who invited her to Africa and for what? We should be clear as Africans that we have heard enough now from them and all what they have been saying does not make sense to our situation, because all they say and do is to protect their interests.

I should also state that the recent announcement by the Liberian government that they have cut ties with the Libyan government is an indication that African leaders are becoming sellouts and useless tools of the USA and the West at an alarm speed. This case and many others are worrisome, because they show that African leaders are not their own man and woman, but purely tools of our former colonizers. I cannot see reasons of why Africans should support people who are just interested on furthering their interests in our continent at the expense of the life of our people.

I have realized that Africans true men are no more in leadership positions and some have passed on, all what we have are leaders that are dancing to the tunes of our former barbaric and horrific colonizers. These leaders must know that they are busy undermining and betraying what the Nkhrumas, Nujomas, Mandelas, Netos, Nyereres, and Cde. R. G. Mugabes fought for. What we have are two faced leaders, one is African and the other is Western.

Finally, I call upon all young Africans to embrace the value of Pan-Africanism and to unapologetically condemn all the African governments and leaders that are supporting imperialists and neo-colonialism in our beautiful continent. I also want to use this opportunity to congratulate the true young African revolutionary leader of our generation in person of Cde. Julius Malema, the President of the ANCYL on his reelection to lead the fellow young revolutionaries of the ANCYL. I further want to comment ANCYL under his “patriotically stubborn” leadership for being critical on the ANC and South African’s position on Libya and their “backwardness” for supporting “no fly zone” in Libya.

There is no way that a true African leader will vote in favor of people who have been killing Africans since time immemorial to continue with killing our people. I further want to comment the SPYL for stating its position on Libya, as young African we must be proactive and observe what is happening around us. The march by socialist group in Namibia is commendable and I salute all Compatriots who participated in the march and delivered massages to all relevant authorities.

I want to close off with a quote of the theme of the last year’s International Festival for Youth and students: “let’s defeat imperialism, for a world of peace, solidarity and social transformation”. Viva African people……Viva true African revolutionaries……Down all African puppets…..Down all sellout….Down all double a g e n t s … . D o w n imperialists…..Down capitalists and their bloody thugs…Long live Africa.

A Luta Continua!
Sioni Aluta Iikela
SPYL secretary: Swakopmund District


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura