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Africa must do away with surrogate opposition parties

MANY surrogates have violently operated from within our continent. These are Western founded, funded and armed organisations that have been used to create havoc and political confusion in Africa. Isn't it time Africa said no to surrogates?

Is it not time Africa confronts surrogates as it confronted colonialism? What is the fear in decisively dealing with surrogates?

Was there any existence of democracy, rule of law and good governance when organisations like Renamo and Unita were violently killing innocent people in Angola and Mozambique? Was the West not benefiting from these surrogate operations?

Does Africa need such treacherous and dishonourable politics that surrogates exhibited in Angola, Mozambique, Ivory Coast and Mali among other states? Why can Africa not learn from the wanton murderous surrogates such as Moise Tshombe, Afonso Dhlakama, Jonas Savimbi and Morgan Tsvangirai of the violent MDC-T that aim at destroying the sovereignty of African states?

The west and its surrogate political opposition parties in Africa continues to offend our intelligence by needlessly calling for the unwanted change; undesirable and unethical reforms. Western media selfishly and narrow-mindedly continue to bombard African youths with news that Africa needs Media and Security Sector Reforms in order for Africa to enjoy peace.

However, they never tell the youths that most of the violence and corrupt political practices in Africa are orchestrated in Europe and America in order to safeguard their insatiable appetite of getting raw materials for western industries to continue to thrive.

Examples of Western engineered and crafted political corruption and violence that continue to drive Africa back to the days of antiquity are numerous. Remember the Western-engineered slaughter of Patrice Lumumba in the DRC and how Mobutu, who later allowed Americans and the French to plunder DRC resources. Remember the material and political support the West gave to Savimbi that destroyed Angola's economy that is now on a rebound through MPLA's people-centred economic policies.

Remember the West's barbaric political support for Dhlakama that destroyed Mozambique's economy whose recovery is due to Frelimo's nationalistic policies they have again started destroying.

The West is not even ashamed of investing billions of dollars into regime change, which they live to regret as is the case in Angola and Zimbabwe.

The few examples cited above and many others that happened for the asymmetric good of Africa form many reasons for the West and its unethical media to design propaganda that pollutes Africans. Their propaganda mainly targets the poor and the unemployed youths. These are the constituencies that the West targeted through violence and corrupt political activities that resulted in civil wars. Sanctions were, in the case of Zimbabwe employed to create an environment for regime change. One wonders whether the West will ever become humane and stop practicing the inhuman strategy of regime change.

Fellow Zimbabweans, listen to the West's call for SSR in Zimbabwe and hear the parroting that comes from the MDC formations. Listen to the West calling for SSR in Angola, Libya, Ivory Coast and hear the parroting that comes from the surrogate opposition political parties from those countries. Sadly, the Western heinous call for SSR and media reforms in parts of Africa gets the support of neo-liberal academics and the notorious Western founded and funded NGOs.

Taking advantage of the hardships caused to bear on the poor and unemployed by Western engineered violence and corruption, the same West and opposition that created the situation blame it on the Government and the ruling party as happened in Zimbabwe.

Fellow citizens, the same murderous West, never during colonialism called for SSR in its former colonies that brutally slaughtered millions of people. Its media was never heard saying the liberation forces were defenders of human rights, democracy and rule of law, which it now praises on all opposition parties in Africa. The liberation forces were persistently referred to as terrorists and barbaric murderers.

Thus, the reason for the West to call surrogate opposition parties in its former colonies as defenders of democracy, human rights and the rule of law is that those opposition parties are defending Western interests. The change and reform that these ungodly opposition parties in Africa talked about is that of protecting Western interests. This is the reason why they get such sympathy and praise which was never given to the liberation movements.

Fellow Africans, the reforms that Africa needs are political and educational reforms. These reforms must focus on the needs of the people and national interests.

Never should Africa embrace politics and education systems that enhance Western interests. The political reforms that are required are those to do with national interests and peoplecentred requirements. No political party should engage in calling for measures or actions that make the people and the economy suffer and later blame it on the government. Calling for sanctions and activities that hurt the people and the economy by any individual or political party must be criminalised.

Political parties must mobilise the people to vote for them through a well-crafted political manifesto that addresses the social and economic needs of the people. These political reforms have happened over centuries in the developed world such as Britain, America and China. The security sector in any country is there to protect national interests and safeguard people's security and social interests.

If any political party's ideological thinking is in line with national interests and seem to be defended by the security sector as in Britain, China and America then the security sector will never be viewed as a politicised sector. People must understand that in America, Britain, China and many other countries national interests govern the behaviour and activities of politicians and political parties.

In that regard, all political parties respect the security sector institutions as professionals due to the national symbolism that exists. In some countries such as America, China and many others, security sector institutions are the organs of institutional memory and have a final say on who becomes the Head of State and Government.

Is this not a scenario of a straitjacket? If the concept is good for the protection of national interests and has, been successfully employed elsewhere why not in Zimbabwe? The other reform that is required in Zimbabwe, which is important and fundamental, is the education system reform (ESR), Zimche and the Ministries of Education, Arts, Sports and Culture must with speed review our education philosophical systems from primary to University.

The philosophies or theories that exist in all our learning institutions do not place the learner on an African philosophical thinking but on Western thinking pages. Very little is taught on making Africans to pride themselves.

This has created an insatiable appetite for some Africans wanting to imitate Europeans rather than pride themselves.

Some Africans, especially those that are termed educated, think Europe and America are "Godly Continents" that must be respected and never challenged. All this comes from what we teach and learn from zero grades up to University. Shockingly "teddy bears" and dolls resemble the White-man. Teddy bears and dolls are some of the learning material at zero grades; all resembling the White-man. It makes African children presuppose the White-man as a superior race. The story goes on up to universities where most of the theories taught are western. Afro-centric theories are not regarded as important as the idealist and realist theories.

Afro-centric theories such as Chimurenga philosophy derived from Murenga; a theory of assertiveness and Unhuism/ Ubuntuism by Asante; a theory of good behavior and neigbhourliness never get the recognition and acceptance accorded to idealism/realism. People must understand that the idealism/realism are philosophical theories of the West while Chimurenga and Unhuism/Ubuntuism are Afrocentric.

Thus, instead of Africans, particularly Zimbabweans continuing to grapple with SSR they must first tackle the political and educational reforms. Remember African theories are neighbourly; non-violent. They only become violent when the core of African manhood is attacked.

The western theories are capitalistic, individualistic, and violent and place westerners in a violent mode that attacks anyone who opposes them.

Panganai Kahuni is a political socio-economic commentator.


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