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A Bornfree speaks for SWAPO Party

By: Cde. Gotfried Mbundu Muhembo

SPYL Secretary General Cde Dr. Elijah Ngurare,
Governor of Khomas Region, Hon. Cde. Sophia Shaningwa
Your Worship, Cde Tonata Shipena, Major of our Garden Town,
All Town Councilors present here,
Okahandja District Coordinator Cde Martin Bernhardt,
All Swapo Party Comrades present here,
Ladies and Gentlemen a warm election greeting to you all.

It is indeed my honor to deliver this speech aimed at encouraging and motivating young Namibians born after independence of which we are referring today as born free. Dear Cde's allow me to remind my fellow young Namibians that our forefathers have sacrificed their lives in order to liberate us, through Swapo Party they fought to make sure that the future heroes and heroines will have freedom. And today we are free from any kind of oppression, free from exploitations and free because of the swapo party. A Party that never discriminates, a Party that never tortures but listens to our voices.

It's high time that we have to start realizrng that the progressing of this nation lies onto our hands and shoulders as young Namibians. If we recall well in history it is the Swapo Party that traveled in and outside the country to make sure that Namibia reach its destination and that's the day of independence Viva Comrade Nujoma viva! There is no other history that talks about RDP, no history that talks about APP, and indeed no history that talks about any of this recently formed political parties. It's is well known that in order for us to prepare the future we must always reflect the past. And this is what the Swapo Party has done and we still remain doing it.

Dear Cde's I have to tell that it's a great pity to see a young Namibian, well raised by the Swapo Party government, standing up in confusion and say I'm not going to vote for Swapo Party. Believe me Cde's this is the same as telling your own parents that I have chosen not to be your child anymore. Please young Namibians let us not allow the recently formed opposition parties to ruin our democratic living. In Swapo Party we know that we are going to remain victorious and visionary young leaders.

Do not be afraid let us stand up and lift up our fists, let us show them that we are not afraid of their biased opposing statements made against our Swapo Party everyday in newspapers and other medias, but we are going to prove to them that we are proud Swapo young leaders.

Swapo has made us who we are today its because of Swapo Party that we are enjoying this freedom today. Its because of Swapo Party that we axe an educated nation today, then why should we hesitate to vote for Swapo Party. Let us keep pushing forward, let us march and sing the songs while we are waiting for victory.

If there's anyone of us who still did not register to vote for the 2009 November elections, there is still two more days for you to register. Please young Namibians go and register it is our right to vote. Register and make sure that you vote for Swapo party. Remember that life is not an event but is all about making right choices. And the only right choice you can make in the coming election, is to vote for Swapo Party.

As Swapo Party members we are going to leave our hearts open to those young citizens who were misled, we are still telling you to be free and come to where you belong and that is to the Swapo Party we are ready to welcome you all. Swapo was there, it is there and it will still remain here.

Viva Comrade Pohamba Viva! Viva Comrade Ngurare Viva! Viva all the Born frees Viva!

By: Cde. Gotfried Mbundu Muhembo


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura